Singer / songwriter, Arash Sasan offers his debut Album Green Dream.
He says: ‘imagine sitting in a train; driving through a landscape in green, and you start dreaming in green.’
The Album has such effect; it is a journey through several music cultures. You hear Italian mandolin and mandocello in “Sibe Golab”( Apple), Persian Percussion (Daf) on a song about freedom (influenced by Students protest against the totalitarian system in Iran 2004), Latin Rock in “Daram Barmigardam” (I’m going Home), Country Twang and Harmonica in “Diware Sangi” (Stoney Wall), and finally a sweet Contemporary Jazz piece named “Green Dream”.

‘this Album was a challenge to incorporate all different genres that have been influencing my musical career.’
His musical career began when he was a little boy. His parents aware of his interest in music sent him to Carl-Orff Music College at the age of 5. He then studied and played the piano and the keyboard. His first trial to write songs was at the age of 14, after he fell in love for the first time. Some years later he was bewitched by the sound of the guitar and began to learn first classical and then flamenco guitar. He also tutored young people to teach them his love for music.

At this time he studied “political economics” and worked as an economist at the Ministry of agriculture for 4 years. He describes this time as very exiting: ‘We travelled through the whole Country, met the variety of Cultures and Sub-Cultures. I had the Chance to see their life and hear their great music heritage.’
At the age of 29, his interest in European culture and his further studies brought him to Germany. There he completed his studies in “Informatics”.
Arash says: ‘Here I am visiting various music seminars and performing live, solo, as well as with other musicians, I have a great hunger to go ahead in this direction and to earn more.’

After each live performance, people would ask him, if he would have an album. Therefore he decides to record his songs. And after finishing his study in Germany, he goes back home (The Title I’m going Home), stays for 3 Months in Iran and begins to record his songs at a small studio in Tehran.
It started in very simple way, just to become very complex in the end: I would play the guitar, sing and it would be recorded. Then we put some drums samples on it. This would be only the beginning.

Some instruments are recorded in Iran. Back in Munich he calls some of his friends such as Geoff Goodman (Jazz guitarist) to work with him on this project. After a lot of hard work and lots of good times, it sounds very good, and Arash decides that the CD needs to be published in Iran. Therefore he tries to get the required state permission. But after some long months, he has to accept that it is impossible to publish it in Iran at this point in history. Hopefully one day!

Therefore he decided to publish his songs on the internet and soon after a German label “Pilgrims of Sound” published his album.